Menimme kaikki huoneisiimme // We All Went to Our Rooms

40 pages

A short zine about the pandemic year of 2020. Interrupted residencies, masks, testing and thoughts about our relationship with animals.
The comic is available in Finnish and English and you can read it in issuu.com for free.

Katkenneita lankoja – tarinoita loppuunpalamisesta

168 x 240 mm
128 pages

A Finnish comics anthology on burnout, it’s many faces and the culture and attitudes that enables it. Edited by Karoliina Korhonen and Anssi Vieruaho, includes stories from Tuisku Hiltunen, Emmi Nieminen, Sami Nyyssölä, Niko-Petteri Niva, Mari Ahokoivu, Milla Paloniemi, Henri Tervapuro, Avi Heikkinen and Anssi Vieruaho. Published by Atena Kustannus.